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We help you through the rough waters of a possible loss by offering a variety of extended coverage options on accessories, liability and towing. We offer protection for your boat, motor, boat trailer, plus any added equipment and accessories. You choose the amount of protection you need for you and your family. Your peace of mind is our goal with the Safe Harbor Program From ANPAC®.

Here are some common boating terms to know:

  • Aft - At or near the back of the boat.
  • Aground - Touching the bottom.
  • Ballast - Extra weight carried on a boat to increase stability.
  • Bow - The forward section of the boat.
  • Cast Off - To let go of a line.
  • Course - The intended direction.
  • Hull - The main section of the boat.
  • Knot - A measure of speed for nautical miles per hour.
  • List - A boat's leaning to one side.
  • Port Side - The left side of a boat as you are looking forward.
  • Starboard Side - The right side of a boat as you are looking forward.
  • Stern - The back end of a boat.
  • Wake - The area of waves following a moving boat.